Body Detox: Flushing out toxins for a healthier body and mind


Body detox refers to conscious efforts, by a person, to aid the body remove
toxins. The skin, blood, lungs and kidneys among other organs in the body need
to remove toxins/ harmful substances taken in through food, air, water, drugs, etc.

While the practice has been in place since time immemorial, it has gained
much popularity in recent days for health and aesthetic reasons; as people
become more aware of healthy living.

Many social media platforms, nutritionists and medical practitioners advocate detox diets

and practices that people should follow.

However, not every detox plan is safe, and people should be cautious
against following just any plan. A change in the quantities and nutrients of
food ingested during detox, slows metabolism; making a person experience
dizziness, nausea, low energy and exhaustion among others symptoms.

Detox can be done on a short or long term basis.

Natural body detox

The body has its own natural detox mechanisms. This is carried out by the
kidneys, the liver and colon.

The colon produces healthy and unhealthy bacteria
that destroy harmful toxins before their absorption into the blood stream. To
maintain the colon in good shape, a person needs to eat well; eat fibers to ease
digestion and keeps the colon flowing. The kidneys filter blood regularly to
remove toxins while the liver does the same, filters blood before toxins get to
the blood stream.

To maintain both the liver and kidneys in good condition, one
needs to drink lots of water, eat food that do not overwork the liver and, most
importantly, minimize alcohol intake.

Planned body detox

This is aided detox, taken through conscious efforts. It can be done through
taking certain diets, exercises, refraining from excessive use of substances,
such as tobacco and alcohol, and taking ample rest among others.

While body detox can be carried out on simple diets, and without the strict orders of a
doctor or nutritionist, detoxification from substances/ drugs must never be
taken lightly, and should be done gradually under the supervision of detox

This enables gradual acclimatization of the body to the drug’s absence
as well as monitoring and treating withdrawal symptoms.

Short term body detox

Most people feel the need to do a simple body detox to rejuvenate their energy,
tone skin and get rid of substances they had taken (such as drugs) in plenty,
which they feel have not yet been flushed out of the body. A short term detox
program can be a one-of exercise carried out for a couple of days or a week.
Short term detox may take the form of

Fruit detox; a where a person
resolves to taking a combination of fruits or a single fruit, continuously, for
a week or so. Citrus fruits come highly recommended as they help the body cut
down on fat, in addition to flushing out toxins

Liquid detox; a person may also decide to detox by taking fresh juice, water and vegetable juice among
other liquids for a period of 2-3 days

Variety of vegetable and fruits;
they provide the needed nutrients during the fast/ detox

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Long term detox

For long term effects, some people adopt practices and diets that ensure
continued detox throughout their lives.

These include

  •  Drinking lots of water to help kidneys flush out urea nitrogen, body’s main toxins.
  • Lemon and other citrus fruits may be added to the water to ease toxins flush out and also for flavoring
  • Minimizing alcohol intake; alcohol overworks the liver
  • Eating organic versus conventional foods and meats
  • Minimizing intake of processed and added sugars, and taking only natural sugars
  • found in honey or fruits
  • Meditating to get rid of negative emotions and focusing the energy on important things
  • Moderating detox diets and exercises so as not to stress the body and mind
  • Avoiding breathing polluted air such assaturated smoke, asbestos, tobacco and carbon monoxide
  • Taking ample rest during the process


Body detox, as the process that flushes out toxins from the body, rejuvenates a
person physically, mentally and even spiritually. Different people take
different approaches to body detoxification (not to be confused with
detoxification when withdrawing from substance addiction) with or without the
assistance of a doctor. Most detox processes are safe, but a consultation with a
physician might be necessary to establish a person’s health status, hence what
he/she can safely engage. All in all, fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, sleep,
exercise and meditation comprise common detoxification practices. Caution should
be taken for a person to moderate fasting; a person should ensure the boy gets
enough nutrients.

More information on what body detox is and safe diets/ practices for detox can
be found on the following pages





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Cleansing your body is a great way of enhancing your health and minimizing chances of diseases. Despite the fact that the body is self-cleansing, sometimes it is overloaded with various debris, impurities, and wasters that enter through breathing contaminated air and foods that are full of chemicals.

By cleansing your body, you remove all the slush that may inhibit its healthy function and weaken its immune system that protects the body against infections. Removing toxic substances from the body can be achieved through many ways.

This article discuses some of the tips on how to cleanse your body.

To begin with, drinking plenty of water is one way of removing toxic substances from the body. The body needs a lot of fluids in order to execute its purposes. It is unfortunate that many of us take too little of fluids and therefore their bodies are always in perpetual need of more fluids.

By drinking about 10 glasses of water everyday helps remove toxins from the body. Fruits and vegetable juice have the same benefits.

Fasting, meaning going without food for some time, is another way through which your body can cleanse itself. When we eat a lot of food, our body takes a lot of time digesting and eliminating the food we have eaten.

If we avoid food for some time, the body energy used for digestion and elimination of food from the body is going to be used for self-healing. There are many different types of fasting that one can undertake. Some people allow only water, while others exempt themselves vegetable or fruit juice.

Fasting at least once or twice a week can be of great help to your body. Other longer fasts can also be undertaken but a doctor’s advice and supervision are needed.

Another tip on how to cleanse your body is eating foods that have been organically grown. Organically grown foods, whether fruits, vegetables, or meats, are greatly helpful to the body.

These foods contain low content of preservatives, insecticides, growth hormones, among other chemicals. Though the content of these chemicals may be deemed negligible by some, their consistent intake may take them to harmful levels.

Cleaning one’s colon from time to time is a great way of cleansing one’s body. The intestines contain many chemicals that can be easily reabsorbed into the body. By removing debris and any fecal matter, you generally are going to have a healthier body. There are many colon cleansers that are sold in terms of capsules.

Constant intake of these cleansers is going to gradually cleanse the body. Having a colonic irrigation every once in a while is also going to ensure that your body is going to get rid of any toxic substances.

This irrigation ensures that warm water is run through your large intestines to remove any sludge.

Cleaning the liver and bloodstream is another tip on how to cleanse your body.

When the bloodstream is cleansed, blood does its work excellently.

The liver also does many crucial functions in the body and cleansing bolsters its efficacy.

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Why use Kinoki Detox Foot Pads? Because it’s the natural way to assist your body in the removal of heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, and other chemicals.

Kinoki Foot Pads provide the one-two punch of powerful detox ingredients in conjunction with tourmaline, a mineral that generates negative ions. This helps to capture toxins your body eliminates through the outer layer of the skin. The patches are adhered like a big sticker to the soles of the feet overnight. At first, most people use the pads on the arches of the feet. Every night, a new patch is applied to your foot.

Successive nights should result in a gradual lightening of the patch. Do not reuse patches. Once the feet no longer darken patches used overnight, patches may be applied to the skin on other areas of the body. Do not use on sensitive areas of the body or the face. Depending upon what specific toxins are present, the color stain typically ranges somewhere between a green, grey, black, brown, or tan coloration. Individual results may vary. These results are not typical.


Why are these pads applied to the soles of the feet? According to Chinese medical knowledge, our human body has over 360 acupuncture points. More than 60 acupuncture points are found on the soles of the foot!


Ancient Chinese Reflexology teaches that stimulation and toxicity release from these sensitive mirror points, may also lead to vitality and wellness. At the very least, the removal of buildups in the body can only promote increased health. When the blood circulates to the soles, and the skin draws the toxins from the blood to the outer layer, the Kinoki Detox Foot Pad can absorb eliminated toxins released from the acupuncture points. What ingredients are in Kinoki Foot Pads?

Kinoki Detox Foot Pads contain only 100% pure & natural ingredients: bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, chitin and detox herbs.


TEN Packages of 10 Cleansing Detox Foot Pads Patches (100) KINOKI *As Seen On TV

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59$ ,  29.99 $ , TEN Packages of 10 Cleansing Detox Foot Pads Patches (100) As Seen On TV


What is bamboo vinegar and tree vinegar made sole sap sheet

What is bamboo vinegar and tree vinegar made sole sap sheet, ” Detox Foot patch “?

Make the vaporized sap component coming out in the process of making charcoal with bamboos or broadleaf trees liquid state by rapidly cooling it, leave it for a fixed time, then make bamboo vinegar solution and tree vinegar solution through thorough refinement process. Bamboo vinegar and tree vinegar made sole sap sheet, ” Detox Foot patch ” is made by processing this solutions to powder, sheet by its own method, and attached to the sole and acts as eliminating waste matter in the body.

Attaching it to the Sole is important.

The most important thing in using bamboo vinegar and tree vinegar made sole sap sheet, ” Detox Foot patch ” is to attach it to the sole. The sole is the abbreviated version of the body, and plays a role of standing the body weight, so waste matter is likely to gather there. In any case, first attach bamboo vinegar and tree vinegar made sole sap sheet, ” Detox Foot patch “, to the sole. If you attach it to the sole before sleep and remove it in the morning, you can confirm waste matter is eliminated.

Regular use if sap sheet ” Detox Foot patch ” is good.

Attaching it eliminated waste matter with steadiness. Constantly use it until waste matter does not come out any longer. If bamboo vinegar and tree vinegar made sole sap sheet, ” Detox Foot patch ” is not wet since waste matter is removed, you can stop using it. However, waste matter is accumulated in the course of life, so regularly using bamboo vinegar and tree vinegar made sole sap sheet, ” Detox Foot patch ” will eliminated waste matter and make your body light.

At first use, attach it at number A, B, and C. Since then, attach it to the part producing the stickiest waste matter of A, B and C.

Oem Toxin Foot Patch – Buy Oem Foot Patch,Oem Foot Patch,Oem Foot Patch Product

Oem Toxin Foot Patch - Buy Oem Foot Patch,Oem Foot Patch,Oem Foot Patch Product

59$ ,  29.99 $ , TEN Packages of 10 Cleansing Detox Foot Pads Patches (100) As Seen On TV


1.relieves foot odor
2.discharge toxin and improve health
3.GMP certified factory


Detox foot patch ingredient: Bamboo Vinegar,Tourmaline,Detox herbs,Emollient Base,Lavender,Essential Oil


  • Promoting blood circulation & metabolism
  • Activating cells, improving functions of vital organs
  • Relieving foot fatigue
  • Relaxing muscles & tendons and eliminating moisture, replenishing vital essence and strengthening kidney
  • Relieving swelling & pain
  • Promotion sleeping
  • Dispelling toxins accumulated in absorbent system,
  • promoting functions of absorbent system and strengthening the immunity


Bamboo vinegar and tree vinegar natural sap sheet

While at sleep, if you stick it to the sole and remove it in the morning, you can see waste matter drain eliminated from the body. The sole can be said to be the abbreviated version of human body, and a second heart, and support the weight of the whole body, so unnecessary waste matter gathers there. " Detox Foot patch " discharges this unnecessary waste matter and recovers vitality. Using " Detox Foot patch " makes our body light and refreshing. " Detox Foot patch " is composed of bamboo sap vinegar, broadleaf tree sap vinegar, eucalyptus, herb plant growing over 100m, tormarine, ionic substance, houttuynia cordata and saururus chinesis first budding under atomic bomb in Hirosima, kitosan extracted from crab rind good for body, and Agarikus mushroom.

Use of Products

Attach it to the both soles in sleep, and remove them in the morning. In case the contents are removed, they are close to original state, reused it. The extent of waste matter eliminated differs according to the state and constitution of the body. In case the contents become sticky, remove them and clean the part. At first use, use 3 sheets from the end of the sole, then use it at the stickiest part.

Cautions in using products

Do not have this product as this is not food.
Keep it away from infant's reach.
Use this product only for attachment.
Stop using it in case of skin damage such as eczema.
In case the vinyl cover is opened, quickly use it.

Use of attachment tape

trip the central sheet of attachment tape.
Take out the contents in the vinyl.
Attach the contents to the central part of attachment tape.
Put the foot on the contents and remove the sheets of both sides.
Attach it by pressing it well.


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Product Description

Ingredients: Refined sea salt, cnidium, cotex dictamnl, boric acid, Sophora

Indications: Podiatry, sub-health, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney weakness prostatitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins, rheumatoid joint pain, heel pain, antipyretic, promoting blood circulation and nourishing heart and soothing the nerves, shortness of breath and uneasiness neurasthenia, insomnia caused by heart diseases.


المكونات : الملح المكرر البحر، cnidium ، cotex dictamnl ، وحامض البوريك ، الصفيراء

مؤشرات : طب الأقدام ، والصحة الفرعية والأمراض القلبية الوعائية والسكري و ضعف الكلى البروستات والسكري وارتفاع ضغط الدم ، والدوالي ، آلام المفاصل الروماتيزمي ، وآلام الكعب ، خافض للحرارة ، وتعزيز الدورة الدموية والقلب و مغذية مهدئا للأعصاب ، وضيق في التنفس و عدم الارتياح وهن عصبي ، والأرق الناجمة عن أمراض القلب.

الاستعمال: انظر التعليمات

لا القديمة في باما ديكوتيون ” عشب تمرغ مسحوق وفقا ل” عالم طول العمر ” باما قوانغشى العادات صحة الناس ، التي شكلتها تخصصات قوانغشى نظام سرية العشبية، استخدام على المدى الطويل يمكن تعزيز الدورة الدموية ، وإزالة سوء الحالة الصحية ، و إزالة القدم المرض والقلب و الدماغ الحماية ، والجمال ، والصحة والآثار الصحية الأخرى.

1 . استخدامه على الفور وبشكل كامل بعد فتح غضون 24 ساعة.

2 . هذا المنتج هو للاستخدام الخارجي فقط ولا يسمح استخدام عن طريق الفم .

3 . يحظر على ذوي القربى و تحت سن 3 سنوات ، أو ل تقشير الجلد أو تحفيز الجلد.


4 . ينبغي توخي الحذر بالنسبة لأولئك الذين لديهم حساسية لل أعشاب الطبية الصينية و امرأة حامل.


Usage method:

daily health every bag , two bags each have physical discomfort ,
1.first with boiling water(1 kg)
2.stir for about4 minutes , add the appropriate water transferred to the appropriate temperature
3.foot bath 20 minutes , until slightly sweating bubble can be.

In a clean,cool,dry area;Keep away from strong,direct light.


  1. This product for external use, prohibit internal use;
  2. The babies and infants prohibit use; pregnant women prohibit use

Packaging & Shipping

20 bags per box.10g per bags.

80 boxes per carton


Shipping Supporting:

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Get Body Detox Plan Free

Body Detox is very popular among many people today.
Detoxification is a process for removing some impurities from your blood in your liver. Liver is the main body organ where all toxins are processed for being eliminated. A body detox program is very useful to help your body’s cleansing process easily. There are several useful tips that you can follow, so you can detox your body completely. It is not a difficult task to do to follow these simple tips. You can get this body detox plan free in this article. You need to follow this plan in about 3 months.

1. Eat salad for dinner

This is the first tip for you who want to detox your body. You may want to eat salad for dinner for 3 months. It is important to avoid some heavy meals, such as steak, fried chicken, and some other heavy meals. Salad is good for removing any toxins in your body. There are some salads, that you can try, for example mango avocado salad, Thai vegetable salad, green salad, and many other types of salads. Eating salad can also restore the function of all organs inside your body easily.

2. Drink a lot of water

If you want to remove some toxins from your body completely, you may want to drink a lot of water every day. Everyone should drink pure water at least 8 glasses a day. Water is very useful to help your liver eliminate some toxins from your body completely. Drinking enough water is also important to restore all organ’s function properly. This is another important step that you have to do when detoxifying your blood.

3. Consume fruit juices

You should drink a lot of fruit juices regularly. Fruits are good for your body because they contain a lot of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. When you drink fruit juices, they are going to be digested by your digestive system. They are going to help you remove some toxins that may accumulate in your body. Many doctors recommend their patients to drink fruit juices regularly when they want to detoxify their own body.

4. Have shakes or smoothies for breakfast

It means that you should not consume heavy meals for your breakfast. You do not eat anything for your breakfast. You can start detoxifying your body by consuming smoothies or shakes.

There are many types of shakes that you should consume for breakfast, for example, mocha shake, sweet green smoothie, mango peach shake, green shake, berries smoothie, and many other beverages. These shakes can give you enough energy for doing your daily activities.

You should keep following all of those steps for 3 months. You do not have any restrictions for lunch. However, you need to limit your consumption. Do not eat too much foods for your lunch because it may cause some health issues in the future. Make sure to have proper nutrients every day.

There are some essential nutrients that you should consume regularly, for example carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and some other nutrients. Body detox is a perfect way to remove some toxins from your body. Some people may be able to lose their weight easily by following these tips.

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HOW TO DETOX YOUR BODY,Easy Detox action plan

Most experts think that too much toxicity of the body creates a lot of illnesses like osteoarthritis heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In order to avoid such sickness you have to be in tune with the body, aware of its condition and its needs, and be dedicated to giving yourself a good comprehensive internal spring-clean no less than once a year .also in that time apply the good exercise and eating habits which will facilitate prevent the increase of a toxic state again. A spring-clean for your body is a necessary part of any preventive system of health care.

The perfect way to detox your body is to start with a twenty four-hour fast, when you feel up to it and aren’t on any medication. Seek out your nutritionist’s or doctor’s recommendation when you are uncertain. Pick a day when you do not need to be incredibly active – if possible a day when you aren’t physically challenged. In addition, you need to drink plenty of fluid for the period of fasting, as dehydration must not be allowed, but drink only fresh lemon and water or hot water juice. In order to help inner cleansing, a very good health routine is to both start and finish of the day with a drink of fresh lemon juice and hot water. This has a cleansing result on the kidneys and liver, in addition to the rest of the digestive system.

After the initial stage in your detox plan, your twenty-hour fast, the initiative is to eat a lot of raw food for the remainder of the week. Raw vegetables and fruit are not only the easiest food for the body to digest, and the ways of getting the much nutrition from food, but they also have a luminous cleansing impact on the body. Cooked food is more complex for the digestive system; uncooked food facilitates the metabolism and makes the immune system stronger. Instead of a slow constitution, the body gets its best level for maximum performance.

The high fiber content of vegetables and fruits is superb for eliminating toxic residues out of the body. If you attempt this approach, you will observe an improvement in your general health, with many small nagging symptoms dying altogether. Whether you experience skin rashes, heart disease or headaches, you are obligated to yourself to make up your body with the correct materials.

Try to purchase produce which is as fresh as you can find it and purchase natural vegetable and fruit where possible, as they apparently have fewer toxins. A good greengrocer will typically have much fresher vegetables and fruits than the big supermarket chains. The fresher the produce, the superior the nutritional value. In addition, fresh herbs are full of healthful properties, so use them abundantly. The perfect, of course, is to produce your own vegetables and herbs, but this isn’t possible for most of us.

When you do cook your vegetables, keep in mind that many minerals and vitamins and are damaged by the heat in cooking. When we cook vegetables, the nutrients are leached out into the water and poured away. So, whenever possible, tenderly steam or fry up vegetables for just some minutes instead, until they are tender to maintain their nutritious decency. Moreover try to eat a diversity of salad, fruits, and other vegetables daily.

Detox action plan

Start your detox plan at the weekend or during a time when you do not have to be active.

Walk for no less than fifteen minutes daily.

Drink no less than two liters of water daily either distilled, purified, bottled or filtered. You can also drink herb teas or dandelion coffee.

Have half a liter of vegetable juice or fruit.

Eat in plenty: Fruit – the most advantageous fruits with the maximum deter ability include fresh apricots, , cantaloupe melons, all berries, citrus fruits, , papayas, kiwis, peaches, , melons, red grapes mangoes. Vegetables – particularly good are peppers, artichokes, beetroot, sprouts, broccoli, Brussels, red cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato, bean sprouts, tomatoes and watercress.

Avoid: all meat ,all wheat products and dairy produce which includes eggs, salt and any food which contains it, , artificial sweeteners, food additives and preservatives ,hydrogenated fats, spices, dried fruit and fried foods.

Detox foot patch draw toxins From your body naturally while you sleep!

Detox Foot Patch… is a natural way to assist your body in the removal of heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, microscopic parasites, mucous, chemicals, cellulite and much more. Detoxify your body today, to potentially regain your health and vitality by promoting a strong immune system and healthy lymphatic functions naturally – through the usage of the original Detox Foot Patch.

Utilizing only the highest purity of ingredients and the optimum blending ratios for maximimum results – the Detox Foot Patch provides the one-two punch of the powerful detoxifying ingredients, in conjunction with tourmaline (the negative ion & far infrared producing mineral) to provide an unparalleled and effective external cleansing experience. The originalDetox Foot Patch is doctor recommended and the #1 consumer-rated most effective detox foot patch in the marketplace today! Why settle for an inferior patch when you can have the genuine award-winning formulation?

The first step to vibrant health, is to detoxify the body of health-repressing toxins and pollutants.

The Detox Foot Patch is an easy, unobtrusive way to assist your body in the removal of the myriad of pollutants that invade our bodies on a daily basis; and also from the health-repressive toxicity accumulations that impede our bodies from achieving the true wellness we should be experiencing. A toxic body (with an overburdened liver and a sluggish and congested lymphatic system) simply cannot maintain the normal cleansing performance required to advance optimal health. Also, in addition to the over abundance of naturally-occuring toxins, it is estimated that well over 400 synthetic chemicals and other man-made toxins permeate the body of the average individual today. Over time, if these toxins are not removed, it is believed that they potentially may lead to various debilitating and chronic health conditions. However, once the various body components (eg. organs, tissues, cells, tissues, blood, etc.) that may have been adversely affected by the toxins are cleansed, the body makes its natural adjustments to return to its original state of health and balance.

Additionally, as the body releases these toxins… negative health symptoms that may have been caused by the toxic overload may start to recede and even disappear altogether!

External Benefits of Wood Vinegar

Wood Vinegar can aid the body with the following:

1 Insect Bites
Wood Vinegar is thought to have great venom-removal power. The application of Wood

Vinegar to insect bits can help to draw those toxins out of your body.

2 Pink Eye
Pink Eye is a dreadful eye infection that many of us have as children. The application of Wood

Vinegar to the infected parts of the surrounding tissue of the eye can help to bring down swelling.

3 Poison Ivy
In general, Wood Vinegar can be of great help to soothing a large number of plant poisonings such

as Poison Ivy.

4 Infected Wounds
Again, Wood Vinegar can help with various infections, so infected wounds can be reduced by its


5 Cellulitis
An acute inflammation of the connective tissue of the skin, caused by infection with staphylococcus,

streptococcus, or other bacteria. Since Cellutis too is a bacterial infection, Wood Vinegar can help

relieve symptoms.

6 Diabetic Ulcers
Diabetics, especially the elderly, sometimes develop circulatory problems in their arms and legs.

Because of this, they get ulcers, usually on their legs and feet. From time to time, these ulcers

get infected. Wood Vinegar can help here as well.

7 Ear Infections
Ear infections are another common type of bacteria-related affliction. Wood Vinegar can

aid in the healing process.

8 Snake Bites
One great thing about having Wood Vinegar in our Detox Foot Pads is that with Wood Vinegar,

these foot pads can draw out all sorts of venom. This includes venom from snake bites. While

snake bites are rare, Wood Vinegar, combined with other aids, can help.

9 Gout
For those of you who don’t know, Gout is type of arthritis. It can cause sudden attacks of great pain

and can bring about joint tenderness, redness, and swelling. Usually it attacks one joint per episode

and this is usually your big toe. Again, Gout can develop quickly and typically starts at night. It is

thought to be caused by a collection of Uric Acid, which luckily is absorbed by Wood Vinegar.

10 Prostatitis
This is a condition not commonly understood. Prostatitis simply refers to prostate swelling and

infection which can be found under the male bladder. Infected prostates can cause many

symptoms, such as a constant need to urinate and painful urination. It can also cause forms of

groin or lower back pain.

11 Pain Relief
Since many of the disorders and infections listed above can cause great pain, Wood Vinegar has

also been used to relieve pain.


والإنجليزية باما الأعشاب,As seen on TV English and Arabic Bama herbs Foot bathing powder for Rheumatism

كما شوهد على التلفزيون العربية والإنجليزية باما الأعشاب,
As seen on TV English and Arabic Bama herbs Foot bathing powder for Rheumatism and body pain for long life


Ingredients: Refined sea salt, cnidium, cotex dictamnl, boric acid, Sophora

Indications: Podiatry, sub-health, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney weakness prostatitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins, rheumatoid joint pain, heel pain, antipyretic, promoting blood circulation and nourishing heart and soothing the nerves, shortness of breath and uneasiness neurasthenia, insomnia caused by heart diseases.

Usage:See instruction

not old in Bama Decoction “herb soaking powder according to the” world of longevity “Guangxi Bama people health habits, formed by the specialties of Guangxi herbal secret system, long-term use can promoting blood circulation, removing ill health, have remove the foot disease, heart and brain protection, beauty, health and other health effects.

1. Use it immediately and completely after opening within 24 hours.

2. This product is for external use only and no oral use is allowed.

3. It is prohibited for a kin under 3 years old, or for skin exfoliation or stimulate skin.


4. Caution should be exercised for those who are sensitive to Chinese medicinal herbs and pregnant woman.


As seen on TV English and Arabic Bama herbs Foot bathing powder for Rheumatism and body pain for long life

Note: The herbal sensitive, pregnant women with caution.
Storage: Sealed, placed in a cool dry place.



المكونات : الملح المكرر البحر، cnidium ، cotex dictamnl ، وحامض البوريك ، الصفيراء

مؤشرات : طب الأقدام ، والصحة الفرعية والأمراض القلبية الوعائية والسكري و ضعف الكلى البروستات والسكري وارتفاع ضغط الدم ، والدوالي ، آلام المفاصل الروماتيزمي ، وآلام الكعب ، خافض للحرارة ، وتعزيز الدورة الدموية والقلب و مغذية مهدئا للأعصاب ، وضيق في التنفس و عدم الارتياح وهن عصبي ، والأرق الناجمة عن أمراض القلب.

الاستعمال: انظر التعليمات

لا القديمة في باما ديكوتيون ” عشب تمرغ مسحوق وفقا ل” عالم طول العمر ” باما قوانغشى العادات صحة الناس ، التي شكلتها تخصصات قوانغشى نظام سرية العشبية، استخدام على المدى الطويل يمكن تعزيز الدورة الدموية ، وإزالة سوء الحالة الصحية ، و إزالة القدم المرض والقلب و الدماغ الحماية ، والجمال ، والصحة والآثار الصحية الأخرى.

1 . استخدامه على الفور وبشكل كامل بعد فتح غضون 24 ساعة.

2 . هذا المنتج هو للاستخدام الخارجي فقط ولا يسمح استخدام عن طريق الفم .

3 . يحظر على ذوي القربى و تحت سن 3 سنوات ، أو ل تقشير الجلد أو تحفيز الجلد.


4 . ينبغي توخي الحذر بالنسبة لأولئك الذين لديهم حساسية لل أعشاب الطبية الصينية و امرأة حامل.

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Body Detox- Keeping you healthy and fresh

Modern lifestyle can fill a body with all kinds of toxins. This is a sad
situation but with all the preservatives and chemicals in our food and drink, it
is truly amazing that we don’t all fall down with disease. The body definitely
needs a chance to be purified and there are many ways that can be used to
“detox” the system and allow us to be much healthier. There are definitely some
very good options.

A juice detox is a great way to flush the system and regenerate. People who use
a juice detox notice anupswing in energy and best of all, the desire for all of
that ridiculous junk food goes away. A person will quickly notice his or her
skin is much clearer as well. Fluids are a wonderful way to flush out the
poisons that store in the body, and a simple water detox is an excellent way to
clean the liver of toxins. Incidentally, the water doesn’t have to taste like it
came from the tap. Using natural extras such as strawberries, apples, cinnamon,
and watermelon can produce a very tasty beverage that doesn’t add calories but
does stimulate internal cleansing activity.

Not everybody wants to use a fluid ingestion in order to detox the body. Another
option for these people is excretion of harmful substances through sweat detox.
This doesn’t mean that a person has to spend a lot of time in a steam bath or
Nordic sauna, but soaking in a comfortably warm bath. It is recommended to get
the full advantage a person should have a sweat detox bath that includes
magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This
option is both cleansing and fortifying. Approximatelythe first half of the
time spent in the bath is for the elimination of the undesired toxins, and the
rest the time the body absorbs all of the beneficial minerals that can be found
in the Epsom salts and baking soda. The whole process itself is extremely

What is been mentioned so far are standard in traditional means of detoxifying
the body. Foot detox is something that is being promoted in many salons, but it
would be a smart idea for a person to first check the research. There are
definite opinions held by various people as to how effective foot detox can be.
Be very careful about any product sold on the market that promotes foot detox as
an internal purifier. A second opinion is most worthwhile.

A good question to ask is how long a person should go through a natural body
detox process. People using the juice detox method often try for several days,
but it is important for a beginner to do perhaps one day only. It is possible
that a person could experience headaches as the body adjusts to the juice-based
nutrition. The standard rule is that overuse of sweating could result in
dehydration. It is why using that form of detox should be no more than an hour
per session. Water detox ordinarily has few side effects. It can actually be
part of a daily routine where the body is flushed perhaps in the evening. It is
suggested with detox regimens that exercise programs be put on hold. The primary
reason is that a person can feel somewhat nauseated trying to do a physical
routine on limited amounts of solid food or no food at all.

Some consider detox programs as a way of losing weight, but that should not be
the primary reason for making use of this regimen. It is principally a means of
cleansing internal organs of residue from the modern diet. Whether a person
loses any weight at all is not as important as having a body that is now free of
preservatives or chemicals that are not a natural part of a healthy diet.

Everything You Need to Know About a Body Detox


Every day your body is constantly exposed to harmful toxins in the air, the food

you eat, and even the water you drink. Although your body is able to flush out
some of these toxins naturally, an increase in pollution and poor diet can lead
to an excess of toxins that your body simply cannot get rid of. When this
happens, you may find yourself feeling tired, sluggish and overweight. You may
also have difficulty concentrating and sleeping. This is where a total body
detox comes in. A body detox can flush harmful toxins, bacteria and parasites
from your organs and tissues so that you feel better, have more energy and look
your best.

Why Should I Detox?

No matter how healthy your lifestyle is, you simply cannot avoid being exposed
to chemicals on a daily basis. Synthetic chemicals can be found in almost
everything we consume. For example, the food we eat is often sprayed with
pesticides, chemically processed or high in sugar, salt and fat. Even common
household products contain substances that are harmful to our bodies. For those
who smoke, drink alcohol and indulge in junk food, the intake of toxins is even

When these toxins build up in your tissues, your body naturally tries to expel
them via the liver, kidneys, colon, lymph, lungs and skin. If you have an
overload of toxins in your body, they cannot be completely expelled. In this
case, your body reacts by working overtime to eradicate the toxins and protect
the organs by building up a layer of fat to prevent the toxins from causing more
damage. When this happens, you may feel like you lack the vigor and vitality you
once had. Over time, your body can suffer burnout and your immune system could
be compromised, which could lead to illness and disease.

When Should I Detox?

Many of us go through life thinking that a lack of energy, aches and pains and
colds and flu are simply part of life and that they will go away on their own.
However, these symptoms could be an indication that you have too many toxins
building up. The following are some tell-tale signs that you might be due for a
body detox:

• Lack of energy • Weight gain • Aches and pains • Digestive problems • Lack of
concentration • Mood swings • Depression • Insomnia • Asthma • Eczema •

How do I Detox?

There are many different methods of detoxifying your body. Some of the most
common include fasting, cleansing, juicing, drinking plenty of water, eating a
strict diet of whole foods or raw food only, cutting out foods that are high in
fat and sugar, undergoing colon hydrotherapy and taking herbal supplements that
help flush out bad bacteria and harmful toxins. Some alternative methods for
detoxifying the body include dry brushing, massage, meditation to release
stress, and exercising to sweat out the toxins.

Are There Any Side Effects to a Body Detox?

If done properly, a body detox is safe for the body and can be very beneficial
to your overall health and well-being. That being said, you may experience some
side effects from your detox, both good and bad. As your body begins to cleanse
itself, you may experience some negative effects such as hunger pangs, cravings,
skin breakouts, mood swings, trouble sleeping and fatigue. Not to worry. This is
just your body reacting to the poisons that are being released from your body.
After a few days, you will start to see some very positive changes. These
include weight loss, a lack of cravings, increased energy, improved moods,
better digestion, sharper concentration and improved sleep patterns.

How Often Should I Detox?

Every person is different, so it is up to you to decide how often you need or
want to do a body detox. As a general rule, you should try to detox at least
once or twice a year to clean out your system and get the body running at top
form again. You can also choose to detoxify the body whenever you are feeling
run down or not at your best. You may also want to speak to your doctor or a
healthcare professional to assess which methods are best for you and how often
you need to detox to maintain optimal health.

Detox Your Body The Sensible Way

If you have gained weight and your body feels sluggish then it may be time to
consider a detox. Ask yourself why you should detox and the answer is simple.
When you detox your body you remove all of the harmful toxins that lay deep
within the system. The air that we inhale is filled with toxins and chemicals
within certain personal care products are laden with toxins. Our drinking water
can contain numerous toxins and the food we intake on a daily basis may be
ridden with toxicity. Embark on a body detox and your physical and mental
well-being is highly likely to improve.

A detox diet will eliminate toxins and prevent any further build-up of toxicity.
Naturally you will want to explore various health and detox diets and take a
look at the dietary guidelines. If you intend to follow a detox and body
cleansing program then you will need to research some of the most popular detox
diets. In the first instance it is essential to create a sustainable detox plan;
the easiest detox diet may not be the best detoxification diet for you. It is up
to you to find a body cleansing program that fits in with your lifestyle.

Seek comprehensive detox advice and learn about foods to avoid. You may choose
to cleanse your body by going on a juice fast or you might prefer to follow a
three or a seven day detox plan. Anyone who is thinking of going on a full body
detox should know about the top ten detox foods. If you intend to detox your
body then you should shop for fruit, green foods, garlic, citrus fruit, mung
beans, omega -3 oils, seeds and nuts, broccoli sprouts and raw vegetables. You
should also look for recipes that will help to make your detox diet tastier.

Many body detoxification plans are reasonably easy to follow but some may be
hard to sustain. Create a detox food plan that cleanses your body, satisfies
your pallet and helps you to shed some weight. A good body detox plan will help
you to detoxify your body naturally and rid your system of toxins.
Detoxification programs are a natural way of cleansing the body. When fasting
the organs are resting. Detox your body and you stimulate the liver which helps
to drive the toxins out. A full body detox improves your blood circulation and
it refuels the body with healthy nutrients.

Detoxing With Water Is Still The Safest And Most Effective Method

There are a lot of detoxing methods out there that uses common materials like cider vinegar, lemon juice, Epsom salts, aloe vera juice and even more expensive and exotic ingredients that need to be purchased from specialty stores. But detoxing the body with water is remains the best and most effective way to cleanse in general. A lot of detoxing techniques can be dangerous and more often involves some kind of fasting or starvation. If taken too far, detox treatments can cause the loss of consciousness and other more damaging effects to the body.

The Real Danger of Detox
A detox is meant to be done to flush out toxins from the body but many people use the techniques as a quick remedy to lose weight since people really do lose weight very quickly. But detox or cleanse is not supposed to be a dieting band-aid. A cleanse is only recommended for a few days application, the longest would be three days. But dieters go too far and push cleaning into a lifestyle, depriving their bodies of needed nutrients and daily calories. This extreme leads to many documented health issues since it pushes the body to its limits stressing several major organs.

The Simple Water Detox
Nearly all detox method involves water. Just drinking water everyday in itself is a detox regimen. The body naturally removes toxins from the body but in order to do this efficiently, it will need enough water intake everyday. If accumulated toxins in the body is causing aches and pains, drink more water than you usually do. For those experiencing joint pains, try distilled water instead as a pure source of water. Drinking water is different from drinking other forms of liquid. While drinking any kind of liquid hydrates the body, it does not compare to the efficiency of water. Everybody knows that it is healthy to drink water, but not all of us actually do this habitually. Instead water is replaced with sodas, coffee, tea, premixed juices and other sugary drinks.

Time Tested Remedies of The Detox Steam Bath
Many cultures around the world have ancient bath houses with steam or sauna rooms or a tradition of taking steam baths. These are baths wherein a small room is enclosed with a small stove where water is converted to steam. The people in the small room then expose their skin and breath in the steam for a few minutes at a time. The steam in combination with high temperatures cleanses the body, especially the skin. It also helps relax muscles and is a good way to relieve stress. Steam baths work with extremes in temperature. The body is exposed to hot air then cold air or cold water when getting out of the bath. Today, the detox bath is called hydrotherapy but still works under the same principles as the ancient sauna. It is proven to help shed fat and toxins from the body and is generally safe so long as prolonged exposure to hot steam to the point of exhaustion is avoided.

Water is free and it is actually a human right to have accesses to clean water for drinking and living. Yet so many people take its restorative properties for granted as they are willing to buy expensive detox products instead of just using water.